Educational director of Happy Kids International Nursery and Kindergarten. She has been working in education over 25 years. During her career she always aimed to synthesize the best practices from a range of national educational systems, balanced by her own unique multicultural experience to create a day care and learning environment of excellence for children in the age range 1,5–7 years. She and her team focus on developing in children the knowledge skills attitudes and concepts in key learning areas and provide learning experiences that are appropriate to a child’s age, learning readiness, stage of development and level of maturity. They involve, inform and instruct parents in all aspects of their child’s education, believing that teachers and parents are partners in children’s education. As for her philosophy, learning how to solve a problem is more important than learning the solution to any particular problem and chess can be used very effectively as a tool to teach problem solving and abstract reasoning. Through chess, she and her team teach children how to analyse a situation by focusing on important factors and by eliminating distractions, to devise creative solutions and put a plan into action. Happy Kids chess program has been specially prepared by Judit Polgár and has been actively in use at Happy Kids since September, 2010.