In 2022 the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary. We are proud of our activities and achievements over the past decade.

Since we started developing the Judit Polgar Method, we have trained 4500 teachers to use our innovative teaching programs and educational tools in schools in Hungary and abroad. By now, the number of kids who benefit from the advantages of the method has reached 60K annually.

The Global Chess Festival, where "Chess Connects Us" regardless of age, gender and nationality, attracts 3000+ offline visitors and 200 000+ online viewers yearly with colourful programs and high-impact personalities. The recurring Educational Chess Summit, launched first in 2021, is starting to expand as an international and high-quality professional event in its own right.

The Foundation launched its own two-year mentoring program for young chess talents, led by Judit Polgár, supporting their development with regular training sessions, masterclasses and personality development workshops.