The success of the Chess Palace Program over the past few years has encouraged the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation to expand one of the program's main pillars, the Teacher’s Training Course.

As a result, eight new members are added to the company of teacher guides, who will instruct many more teachers in future Chess Palace Teacher’s Training Courses. Since 2013, more than 1,000 teachers have already mastered the knowledge of the educational program to help skills development for children in elementary schools. Extending the teacher’s training means that more children are given the opportunity to learn about logical and creative thinking through the educational chess program, an exceptionally effective teaching methodology that copes with development shortcomings of the digital age. That is to say, we can further expand the home of creativity in the Chess Palace, which already has more than ten thousand small “inhabitants”. Now there will be opportunities across Hungary for educational institutions, teachers and children to engage in the road of strategic thinking, thus satisfying the growing interest of the Chess Palace Program year by year.