The inaugural Chess Connects Conference on the 12th October 2019 highlighted the major role chess plays in art, its contribution to science, the opportunities it provides in education as well as the evolution of chess as a sport. The host was well known commentator and author IM Lawrence Trent.

The 4th Biz Chess Tournament on 11th October 2019 was held again on the splendid roof terrace of the Hotel Aria in Budapest.

The International Youth Chess Challenge was organized by the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation for the first time in Budapest supported by the European Chess Union as a pre-event of the 5th Global Chess Festival.

"Chess is a pure form of art"

250 venues from 23 countries took part in the 4th Global Chess Festival initiated by Judit Polgar

For the first time at the festival the Goodwill Ambassador of Artistic Values of Chess was awarded to a number of artists whose work has been inspired or influenced by the great game of chess.

The 3rd Biz Chess event was organized at the amazing roof terrace of the Hotel Aria which won the Hotel of the Year award in 2017.