In 2022 the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation celebrated its 10th anniversary. We are proud of our activities and achievements over the past decade.

On 3 December in Saint Louis, Judit Polgár was inducted at a ceremony into the World Chess Hall of Fame. Judit, the best female player in chess history, officially became a member of the sport's Hall of Fame in 2021, as the first of Hungarian nationality with Hungarian mother tongue.

The Polgár Judit Chess Foundation has received the Regional Prima Award in the category "Hungarian Education and Public Education". This is the first major recognition in the life of the Foundation, which was established in 2012 with the core mission of promoting social development in the fields of education, sport, talent management, skills development and social inclusion.

This year, for the 5th time, the Judit Polgár Chess Foundation organised the traditional BIZ Chess Tournament, which aims to bring together businessmen and artists from all over the world, connected by their passion for chess to meet and compete in a day of fun.

News of the 2022 Global Chess Festival has reached everyone from the school desks of Georgia to the giant screen in New York's Times Square

Celebration of chess filled the National Gallery on 8 October for Judit Polgár's eighth Global Chess Festival, which brought together participants from 15 countries in Budapest. More than 3000 people attended the festival and tens of thousands followed the events online. News of the festival spread overseas, with all of New York watching on the giant screens in Times Square as the greatest female player of all time made her winning move in an iconic game against the current world champion. This year, the organizers aimed to raise awareness about the importance of the role of girls in various scientific fields.

This year one of the key programs of the Global Chess Festival was the Educational Chess Summit conference, where presenters emphasized that chess does deserve a place in classrooms as a profound way of skill development.