The European Parliament has adopted the ‘Chess in School’ programme in a written declaration, in 2012. The EP’s declaration has an aim to bring attention to chess as a teaching tool to schools, because it directly contributes to academic performance.  Judit Polgar established the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation to bring educational chess to schools to facilitate development of individuals, to support talented children and to enable deploying their talent through chess. The JPCF’s Chess Palace educational programme provides a unique and complex chess curriculum focusing on the cross curricular links. The JPCF promotes chess and playful cognitive skills development. JPCF's home country, Hungary has already adopted the JPCF's Chess Palace programme into its National Curriculum. The Judit Polgar Chess Foundation supports the regularly organised accredited trainings for teachers to help their work at school. By the beginning of 2016, 450 JPCF certified educators use the Chess Palace programme in 200 schools.

Educational Awards
The JP Chess Palace Competence Developing Book series has won the 2015 Hungarian Quality Product Award. The same year our first major international prize has also been won by JP Chess Palace 1 Elementary school book series. The Best European Learning Materials Awards are presented every year to high quality educational materials that have been produced in Europe. An international jury of experts evaluated the best European products and the special prize of the jury, the 2015 Merit Award, was given to Judit Polgar at the Awards Ceremony in the Education Forum at the Frankfurt Book Fair.