August, 2014

In Educational Chess, the Chess Palace series continues focusing on improving academic skills, logical, creative thinking and problem solving, preparing children to be able to accept the challenges of the digital society they live in. JPF has developed the Chess Palace 2 book series – students’ book, workbook and teachers’ book for grade 2 students. This series is available for second graders from this new school year, starting from September. The Chess Palace programme was launched in September 2013 as the part of the National Curriculum.

June, 2014

In collaboration with the Hungarian Chess Federation JPF managed and carried out a thorough educational chess and after school chess promotion among elementary schools in Hungary in the first half of this year. Regional representatives assigned by Hungarian Chess Federation, after having participated in a workshop held by the JPCF, visited more than 1000 schools in Hungary. During these visits they filled in questionnaires on current status of chess in school. Based on the results of this survey, it can be stated, there is a significant interest in educational chess and after school chess in the Hungarian schools. As a result of this awareness campaign, the number of applicants registering on our Teachers' training on Chess Palace has significantly increased.