The 4th Biz Chess Tournament on 11th October 2019 was held again on the splendid roof terrace of the Hotel Aria in Budapest.

In 2019 we had the highest participation of 13 players from Chile, Hungary, England, India and the USA. Among the special guests were the 3 Polgar Sisters, President of the World Chess Federation Arkady Dvorkovich, Artists, and the 14th World Champion Vladimir Kramnik. It was won by Sam Arora with a huge score of 6 points out of 7 games. The full day event had a very special atmosphere with great tension and challenges for the business chess enthusiasts.

The full results were the following:

  • Sam Arora ENG 6
  • Péter Kovács HUN 5½
  • Dr. Daniel Yarur CHI 4½

The other participants were: Ashwin Subramanian, Ernő Mesterházy, Dr. Szabolcs Tompa, Henry Purcell Jr., Tomi Kaáli, Maria José Yarur, Prof Steven Kaáli, Marcelo Suarez, Dr. Gusztáv Font and Dr. Gábor Varga.

By participating at the event the players were supporting the Judit Polgar Chess Foundation's initiatives. Thank you and congratulations to the participants.

The JPCF is proud to organize next year the 5th Biz Chess on 9th October 2020 and strengthen the bonds of ChessConnectsUs.

More photos here