The inaugural Chess Connects Conference on the 12th October 2019 highlighted the major role chess plays in art, its contribution to science, the opportunities it provides in education as well as the evolution of chess as a sport. The host was well known commentator and author IM Lawrence Trent.

A unique part of the conference was the Champions Talk where Judit Polgar, the best female chess player of all time, had a conversation with 14th World Champion Vladimir Kramnik. They discussed a number of topics including what it takes to get to the top of the game, how to stay balanced as a professional player and how the 14th World Champion views chess as an art, science and educational tool within the context of chess as a competitive game.


Prof. Ken Rogoff, Professor of Economics, Harvard University (USA)
How chess has helped me in life

Dr. Daniel Yarur, Businessman, Phd in Philosohy (Chile)
“Chess and Happiness”

Arthur Kogan, Chess Grandmaster & Trainer (Israel)
Chess, Positive Thinking with no limits for improvement!

Susan Polgar, Chess Grandmaster, Author and Coach (Hungary/USA)
The SPICE Story – dominating College Chess

Prof. Dr. E Sylvester Vizi, Physician, Neuroscientist (Hungary)
Mind and Artificial Intelligence stored in computer: their role in chess

Natasha Regan, Woman International Master and Author & Matthew Sadler, Grandmaster and Author (United Kingdom)
AlphaZero, chess and AI learning

Leontxo García, Chess Journalist, Author (Spain)
The educational power of chess

Juga, Singer, Songwriter, Chess Artist (Chile)
Emotions and Symbols explored through Songs