Welcome speeches
Our world faces unprecedented geopolitical and societal challenges. These require us to join forces to tackle youth unemployment, improve basic skills – including digital – and help every young person make a positive contribution to our societies. The European Education Area and the Digital Education Action Plan are fundamental to this: supporting Europe’s recovery and its future growth, and putting young people first so that they have access to high quality education.

This commitment concerns us all as policymakers, educators, learners and wider society

Keynote speeches
"Chess: One of the oldest games in history and an educational tool of the future" Tune in to learn about the relevance of chess in the classroom.

Digital transformation in learning? What it is and how can we make the best use of it in our European Education Area?

High Level Panel on ‘How To Face the Covid-19 Education Challenge and Master the Digital Transition in Education’
The panel of high-level decision-makers discusses the most urgent measures to find the way out of Covid-induced difficulties in the education area and the available funding schemes to underpin these measures. Panelists will also look at whether and how Covid may have a long term or permanent impact on education. How different will education be compared to the world before Covid? How can we close widening knowledge gaps between learners of different socio-economic backgrounds?